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January 2009 Entries

When this dreaded error crops up, its usually right in the midst of a fast and furious development effort. That's always been the case for me! To solve it in a hurry, I just dub the app with a higher version number, recompile and move on--at least that is what I did when I was a bts developer. Now that I'm a bts admin, I've delved into the topic more. Although the re-versioning scenario works, it is possible to re-deploy an *.msi package with the same version number using these few steps: Go to \Documents ......

Perhaps you've experienced the scenario where you hit the F5 key on the Group Overview in the BizTalk Admin console and instead of seeing your message queues, you see instead the very ugly () message: Failed to create a CLSID_BizTalkPropertyBagFac... COM component installed with a BizTalk server. A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. (WinMgmt) Go to the event viewer and look for any COM/COM+ errors under applications. Chances are you will see a conflict with WMI services--perhaps ......

The full error message looks like this: [SNAC] “[SQL Native Client]SQL Network Interfaces: The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted.[SQL Native Client]Cannot generate SSPI context” [MDAC] “Cannot generate SSPI context”; [.Net1.0/2.0]” Failed System.Data.SqlClient.SqlEx... Cannot generate SSPI context” When this message occurs--especially when the same access 20 minutes ago worked, chances are you've logged off of your primary network. An example would be that at work you were using an ......

Yes! .....(Now, we're not talking about bulk inserts--which is a completely different task... we're just talking about a small number of rows that need to get inserted into a relatively static table).. Typically folks do something like this to quickly add rows into a reference table: INSERT INTO ReasonType (DisplayName,Description) VALUES ('Delay','Reason for a project delay') GO INSERT into ReasonType (DisplayName,Description) VALUES ('Cancellation','Reaon for a project cancellation') GO ...but ......