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A 'Get it Done Now!' Approach for transforming SQL Server Data to XML Data

First, for all of the MS SQL Server database purists out there that will complain vehemently against this method of extraction/formatting because of the special characters (SEE: that may (will likely) surface and need to be escaped, or that there's a better way to do this such as utilizing the XML Schema Collection/XML Explicit features available with SQL Server, etc. -- I recognize your concern, however, you'll have to admit, this is still (low-tech/mid-90's ......

SQL Update Statement - using SubSelect

This is a simple, but helpful example of changing a boolean or bit flag in a table to 'True' when the condition in the subSelect is met. In this context, the SQL statement finds all the cases where a sales agent's email exists in the Metro_SalesForce table and exists in the related table Metro_SalesForceMult. The Metro_SalesForceMult table contains the USA state assignments only for sales agents representing more than a single state. UPDATE Metro_SalesForce SET multipleStates = 'True' WHERE ......

Where is my Host file on Windows?

usually your host file (DNS/ip addresses) can be found under:


The Wrong Program is Active when I double Click on a File. How Do I Change it Back? (AKA: How do I change My File Type Association?)

This can be a really irritating problem when suddenly the EXCEL file on your desktop you used to double-click on no longer gets viewed via Microsoft EXCEL, but instead gets viewed through the Microsoft Excel READER program instead! In essence, either a new program you've installed has reset the file association, or you are working on a new computer that may have different software--overall, this area has to do with File Management/File Extension types. Here's what to do: In Windows XP: 1. Look for ......