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May 2009 Entries

First, for all of the MS SQL Server database purists out there that will complain vehemently against this method of extraction/formatting because of the special characters (SEE: that may (will likely) surface and need to be escaped, or that there's a better way to do this such as utilizing the XML Schema Collection/XML Explicit features available with SQL Server, etc. -- I recognize your concern, however, you'll have to admit, this is still (low-tech/mid-90's ......

This is a simple, but helpful example of changing a boolean or bit flag in a table to 'True' when the condition in the subSelect is met. In this context, the SQL statement finds all the cases where a sales agent's email exists in the Metro_SalesForce table and exists in the related table Metro_SalesForceMult. The Metro_SalesForceMult table contains the USA state assignments only for sales agents representing more than a single state. UPDATE Metro_SalesForce SET multipleStates = 'True' WHERE ......

usually your host file (DNS/ip addresses) can be found under:


This can be a really irritating problem when suddenly the EXCEL file on your desktop you used to double-click on no longer gets viewed via Microsoft EXCEL, but instead gets viewed through the Microsoft Excel READER program instead! In essence, either a new program you've installed has reset the file association, or you are working on a new computer that may have different software--overall, this area has to do with File Management/File Extension types. Here's what to do: In Windows XP: 1. Look for ......