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July 2009 Entries

I’ve just been porting a Windows Mobile (.Net CF) application over to the full Net Framework. I needed to provide a quick way of doing signature capture. I was pointed by a friend (thanks Ross), to look at hosting the WPF InkCanvas control on my Windows Forms, form. I just dropped a Panel (Panel1) on my form and used the following code - System.Windows.Controls.Ink... inkbox = null; public frmpleasesign() { InitializeComponent(); inkbox = new System.Windows.Controls.Ink... inkbox.Name = ......

Hi all. I’ve been looking at building a mobile application that will store, store-card details. As most store cards have barcodes on them, I thought it would be cool, if you could present the barcode of your card on the screen of your mobile device. I’ve just found out to my peril that laser-barcode readers cannot read barcodes off of an LCD screen. Try it if you don’t believe me - has no such problems as Microsoft Tag was designed to be read by a camera phone, which works great. ......

I’ve been Subscribing to Personal Computer World Magazine, since I was 8 (I’m 37 now). Yesterday I received a letter, to say due to the economic situation that they are ceasing the publication. I think I pretty much owe my career to this magazine that has taught me so much over the years. RIP PCW ......

So some news on the Windows Mobile/iPhone development mission. It seems that my plans of recouping the investment has reached Japan. Toshi, contacted me from this website - iPhoneあっぷ使ってみた Translated version (quite funny) Its interesting to see, that I’m selling ......

So here’s what I’ve been up-to for the past few months. A while back, I developed a Windows Mobile application that allows you to send people your current location (full source available, if you’d like it). I figured this, why don’t I try and make this application cross platform? How hard can it be to port a C# Compact Framework application to another platform. Of course the cost of doing this had to be small. So I set myself a challenge. Take 6 months Port Mobile Location Software to iPhone. Sell ......