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March 2011 Entries

Pleased to announce that my 6th App. has just gone live on the Apple AppStore

Now this might be sacrilege to some, and a blessing to others. Through using Objective C, I realise that I really miss the ability to do C# quick and easy string manipulation, like - IndexOf Trim Replace Substring Split etc. For my own sake, I’ve begun working on some functional equivalents. So far I’ve got - (NSInteger) LastIndexOf:(NSString *)searchstring; - (NSInteger) LastIndexOfI:(NSString *)searchstring; - (NSInteger) IndexOf:(NSString *)searchstring; - (NSInteger) IndexOfI:(NSString *)searchstring; ......

So, I’ve just completed my 5th commercial iPhone App. Always when I move to a new programming language I take a test application and port it to learn. So my equivalent of “Hello World” app. is - I built this, as an app about a year ago, but figured that it worked so well on iOS that I would get it published. Technorati Tags: I-Ching,iChing,iPhone,iTunes ......

I’ve been struggling trying to create the icons that are used for different tabs on an iPhone app. The difficulty is, is that each image is a PNG, but alpha channels are used to represent their selected state. I’ve just come across this fab tool, that takes all the pain away, using 30x30 png images, I was able to create a really nice set of icons. (Respect) ......