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February 2015 Entries

So this is nice. Being able to fully access RPI file system from a Mac. Just tweaked sudo nano /etc/avahi/services/ To get hostname all looking consistent (i.e Mac and PC all see Raspberry Pi having a standard name). So now I can edit and add new files from Mac/PC seamlessly… ......

So its been a month since I started experimenting with making oData calls from the Apple Watch SDK. I picked up the project again this evening. I wanted to go beyond the basics and try and get some images out of the Northwind demo database, and display those to my watch user. I found that Northwind database really does date back to an original Microsoft Access sample and all images in the database are prefixed with 78 bytes of stuff. So this is what I did to extract the images from the Odata feed ......

So I’m syncing data to my App.   It all works well,  I’m looking at strategies now to disguise the (inevitable) synchronisation process.


At the moment, I have a nice Windows Mobile esq. form.   I’m sure I can improve on this...


IMG 2414

So I’m drawing to the end of a long day and a long project. As you know I’ve been building an iPad client in Swift that uses Core Data and OData to provide offline and online access to Dynamics NAV. A few observations - Odata is different depending on what you do, criteria for a filter clause, is different to an individual clause. You have to remember/guess what to URL escape when to use quotes/double quotes etc. Don’t fear it. Its powerful. I’ve spent all my time in the front end, not getting bogged ......

Fed up with typing .hidden=true ? My brain only works with .visible = false Is it me, or does the World need this SWIFT extension? Just add this in a file to your SWIFT app. import Foundation import UIKit extension UIView { var visible:Bool { get { return !hidden } set { hidden = !newValue } } } ......

Sunday evening, early evening experiment. Want to share some swift code between an iOS app and Watchkit app, simply. I’ve tried to follow a few articles, but this worked for for me. First up, just right click your project, and add “New Project…" Select Framework and library & then follow this... I then added a swift class (called Mega) as follows - import Foundation public class Mega{ publicinit() { } public func Rock() { println("Yeah") } } So then, I scrolled to project explorer, and added ......