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So far, the most complete document about BizTalk 2004 naming conventions is still in the MSDN article “Developing Integration Solutions with BizTalk Server 2004”. However, if you want to adopt these naming conventions, you need to be aware of the following issues in the document,


  1. Naming conventions for some BizTalk artifacts are not defined. For example Port Operations, Send/Receive Ports…
  2. Some naming conventions are unpractical. For example, the naming convention for Map file is “_To_.btm”. But in a real world, if you have multiple source schemas or destination schemas, the name will be too long.
  3. Some naming conventions will cause duplication. For example, the naming convention for Send Shape is “Snd_”, how if you send same message a couple of times?


Having a strict artifact naming convention on all stage of a BizTalk project could be a disaster sometime. It could significantly slow down the development especially when you need to redo something like an orchestration. So my suggestion is to do minimum custom naming during development phase, and rename them later when your solution becomes mature enough. By saying minimum custom naming I mean you still need to give a proper name to an artifact at the very beginning if renaming later could cause lots of corresponding changes in your solution.


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Posted on Friday, January 6, 2006 8:30 AM | Back to top

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Hi Edmund,
I created a new BizTalk naming convention. See
Please, let me know if you have the questions.
Actually you don't need to change the artifact names too much if you follow this convention. And in many places the naming is just as easy as Copy-Past.

Left by Leonid Ganeline on Oct 13, 2009 10:19 AM

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