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In multiple BizTalk server environment, it is pretty common to re-register another BizTalk server on BAS site, and the process could be tricky sometime if you don't want to undeploy anything from BizTalk solution. The following are the steps need to be performed,

1. Open BizTalk Explorer -> Role -> Sender - Delete all
2. Go to TPM Management Tools -> http://localhost/BASSite/Lists/Agreements/AllItems.aspx and inactivate all agreements.
3. Go to TPM Management Tools -> Partner Profiles -> Undeploy all partners
4. Go to TPM Management Tools -> Unregister BizTalk Server (sts.outbox may be bind to orchestration already. In case of that, use BizTalk explorer to unbind it from corresponding orchestrations first. Check if sts.outbox has been deleted, if not, manually delete it)
5. Register BizTalk server
6. Bind sts.outbox to orchestrations
7. Deploy all partners
8. Activate all agreements
9. Check Role -> Sender to see if the party has been enlisted or not

...Edmund Zhao


Posted on Friday, March 9, 2007 2:52 PM | Back to top

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