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If you organize your BizTalk projects based on the type of artifacts, e.g., a solution contains schema project, pipeline project, map project, orchestration project, you might often encounter build failure problems due to the missing assembly reference. Sometime, even if you have the references properly added and you are able to verify them in object browser, you might still have problem not seeing the newly added or modified artifacts in any configuration window.

The reasons for this kind of issues could be various, but most time they are related to the modification of the assemblies being referenced. Theoretically if your assembly references are based on projects in same solution, Visual Studio should update the reference automatically when you rebuild the solution. But lots of time, it just not happened, especially after you regenerate generated items. A good example is the project using WCF adapters. My experience was, almost every time after I regenerated WCF adapter schemas, references among projects were broken more or less.

The following is what I recommend to completely cleanup and reestablish all the references among projects in case you cannot fix the reference missing issue quickly. It contains some steps unnecessary on certain situation, but saves much more time than keep trying all different ways to add the references back.

1. If BizTalk server is installed on the same server where the development environment is, stop the corresponding applications and terminate all related suspended or active items using administration console, then delete those applications.

2. Delete project related assemblies from GAC.

3. Delete all bin folders from application directories. Sometime, if certain dll is not removable, you may have to reboot your machine first then try to delete again.

4. Build the project one by one based on their build sequence. For example, you can build the schema project first, then remove and re-add the schema project reference in map project, then build the map project.

5. By doing the above, most projects should be built successfully. However, orchestration project build may still fail. If that's the case. Open all odx files in text editor, remove everything after '#endif // __ DESIGNER_DATA' (Those are the computer generated code, won't be updated automatically) from each file, save them, open them again in orchestration editor, make some slight changes, e.g., move the logical port a little bit, then save them again. This is to make sure code after '#endif // __ DESIGNER_DATA' will be regenerated based on the updated reference information, otherwise orchestrations won't be visible after deployement.

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